Life brings storms, and we were never meant to navigate them on our own. Counseling allows you the space to make sense of life’s difficulties and to move towards a better future. Know that you are not alone – our team at Life Bridge is here for you!

There Is Help For You

You don’t need to struggle on your own. Help is available and it’s only one step away. We’re a non-discriminatory, judgment-free organization promoting life, health, and hope.

Casey Dail MS,LPC
Meet Casey Dail MS, LPC

Casey Dail, MS, LPC

Casey joined our staff to offer individual (children, youth, and adult), couple, and family counseling and therapy services. Trained in several counseling techniques, Casey has worked with addictions and many types of mental health issues.

It’s time to move forward. Schedule an appointment with Casey and begin your journey to a healthier and happier life.


How will counseling help me? Everyone can benefit from counseling, especially when:

  • Battling with addiction or substance abuse
  • Recovering from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
  • Desiring better mental and emotional health
  • Adjusting to a significant life transition
  • Facing a major crisis
  • Encountering extended periods of anxiety or depression
  • Facing complicated family dynamics
  • Going through difficulties in a relationship

There are many benefits to counseling:

  • Gaining insight into why you do what you do
  • Acquiring communication skills
  • Feeling empowered
  • Learning to practice healthier choices
  • Helping manage stress
  • Evaluating and treating mental and emotional disorders
  • Evaluating and treating behavioral problems
  • Addressing relationship issues within the context of the family system


We are simply a call away. Whether you are an adult, teen, child, or family in need of counseling, our team at Life Bridge is here to help. You can go at your own pace, as we want to make the process as comfortable for you as possible. We believe in you.

Schedule a confidential appointment with us today to learn more.

Current fee: $90 per session

Please ask about our sliding fee scale if finances are a concern. We’re committed to making mental health care affordable for everyone.